Bathing Suit = Motivation

Here we go – my first ever blog post!  I hope to get better at these over time so please bear with me if there are some growing pains along the way.  My goal is that these be helpful and interesting – or at least entertaining!

“Summer bodies are made in the winter.” This is a fact – no ifs, ands, or butts about it. And it is something that almost every health and fitness website, blog, magazine, etc. post an article about during winter to help keep us motivated and excited for the warm months ahead.

But let’s be honest, how many of us are actually great about staying on track during the winter months? When it gets cold there are some days where I am much more tempted to curl up on the couch with good girlfriends and a glass of wine than I am to catch up over a walk. While I remain mostly on track, there are some days where hibernation mode and comfort food get the better of me.  After all, I am human and life is all about balance.

So for me, true summer body mode starts in early spring. As the weather starts to warm up, and I am able to visualize myself at the beach or at a pool, I start getting into gear.

Most of us are motivated by the sheer fact that we want to look good (or great!) in our bathing suits.  For me, each year, the bathing suit itself is my motivation.  Growing up in SoCal, I spent almost every day of the summer at the beach and therefore had a lot of bathing suits. As an adult, I allow myself the treat of one new bathing suit per year.

This year I bought the below bathing suit by bswim (

bswim on bed

Even just laying it out on my bed gets me excited to wear it and more motivated to work out! Some of that may be in part to how gorgeous the model looks wearing it on their website. Being completely honest, I would love for my butt to look like hers (images below).

bswim front              bswim back

This style of bikini is getting more and more popular.  When I was recently in Cabo for a girlfriend’s bachelorette party, the majority of girls/women on the beach had bottoms similar to these or even smaller. The Brazilian style continues to creep more and more into mainstream bathing suit trends.

With my renewed sense of motivation, I am back on track and working diligently toward my desired summer bikini body. Cannot wait to rock this bathing suit this summer!

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